Is Easier Couponing Right for Me?

This method of saving is ideal for people that want to shave a substantial amount of money off their groceries with minimal time commitment.

This method is for you if:

  • You believe your time is as important as your money, but you still want/need to follow a budget.
  • You want to eliminate middle-of-the-week shopping trips.
  • You aren’t very concerned about getting the highest savings/lowest price possible.
  • You are frustrated with the time involved in using coupons or feel something isn’t working for you.
  • You are tired about feeling bad about not “saving as much” as someone else.
  • You have a specialized diet and can’t regularly find coupons for the items you use.

If any of the above resonates with your situation, I hope that this e-book will make a meaningful difference in your grocery budget!